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The Firm

Since it was founded in 2007, Kolodny & Co. has successfully represented hundreds of private and business clients in a wide range of cases and legal issues. The firm works tirelessly to offer clients representation of the highest standard and is highly reputed for providing dedicated and personal services and aiming to achieve the best possible result for its clients.

The firm specializes in real estate transactions, from commercial and development projects to “second hand” and off-the-plan property purchases and sales. The firm also advises clients on land and real estate taxation issues and offers complementary services in connection with clients’ dealings with the tax authorities, the Land Registry Office, the Israel Land Authority (formerly named Israel Land Administration) and other government agencies.

Kolodny & Co. Law and Notary firm has gained a reputation in the field of planning and construction. The firm specializes in representing clients before local and regional planning and building committees as well as appeals committees.
In pursuing the best possible result for its clients, the firm also files objections and appeals against government entities and corporations.
We are fully committed to achieving our clients’ objectives and do so quickly and efficiently.

The Team

עורך דין עמוס אילן

Noam Kolodny (Advocate)

Noam’s expertise is in the field of real estate, particularly planning and zoning. He leads cases where the firm files objections and appeals with the planning and zoning authorities on behalf of our clients. Formerly, Noam served as CEO of an aerial photography company, which was engaged in mapping, advising on master plans, identifying building violations and urban and regional planning.

Noam has an LL.B and LL.M (in Business Law), awarded by the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC). He also has a BA in Business Administration (major: Marketing) from the IDC. 

Areas of expertise

Kolodny & Co . made a name for itself in the fields of planning and building, with a special expertise in building violation cases and filing appeals against, and objections to, building plans.

The firm works relentlessly to safeguard its clients’ rights, interests and quality of life, whether those are undermined by developers, planners or neighbors.

שירותי נוטריון

Civil and commercial litigation

עורך דין מקרקעין

Civil and commercial litigation

Kolodny & Co . provides comprehensive Notary services.

Kolodny & Co. has extensive experience in representing clients in civil and commercial litigation proceedings.

עורך דין תכנון ובנייה

Planning and Zoning Law

עורך דין מקרקעין

Real estate

The law firm Kolodny & Co. made a name for itself in the field of planning and construction, with emphasis on the representation of clients before the various planning and construction of appeals. We specialize in opposition to the construction violates our customers.
We focus on maintaining your rights and quality of life in cases where developers and urban planners’ neighbors and harmful projects, and we have extensive experience in blocking harmful or annoying programs and safeguarding the interests of our clients. 

Kolodny & Co. advises and supports entrepreneurs, property sellers and buyers in various types of transactions, including Outline Plan 38 (“Tama 38”) projects, urban regeneration plans and sales and purchases of “second hand” and off-the-plan properties.

Whether you are buying or selling, a land owner or developer, a purchasing group or a home owner, we can accommodate all your needs.

ליקויי בנייה

Lawsuits for construction defects

עורך דין חברות

Corporate clients

Kolodny & Co. advises and represents clients, who purchased an off-the-plan property and obtained possession. We are assisted by engineers and other experts to ensure that those properties meet the applicable standards and are free of defects.

In cases where buyers are unable to take possession of the property on schedule, according to the contract, or where defects are found, we employ legal measures to make sure that the provisions of the contract are enforced, defects are rectified and the purchaser is duly compensated.

We provide corporate clients with comprehensive legal services, including commercial law, labor law and other related issues, such as municipal taxes. Our partners have vast business management experience and knowledge, allowing them to offer clients creative solutions for complex business issues.

Commercial Litigation

Kolodny & Co. – Law and Notary Firm

Noam Kolodny Adv. law firm has extensive experience in representing private and corporate clients in commercial disputes heard in courts, tribunals, appeal committees and other municipal judicial instances.

The firm advises clients on the potential risks of commercial litigation cases to which they are a party, as well as on their chances of prevailing in those cases. It provides clients with in-depth analysis of the case based on the relevant facts and circumstances and recommends the course of action that will best serve the client’s interests.

Legal assistance outside the courtroom

The firm also assists its clients outside the courtroom by engaging in negotiations with counterparties, with the express intention of pursuing the most favorable outcome.

Damage control & ongoing quality service

During the litigation process, the firm carries out damage control assessments on an ongoing basis and accordingly, recommends the most suitable course of action. The firm is strongly committed to acting responsibly and professionally in all aspects of its work and the many letters of thanks and appreciation it receives from clients reflect this commitment.

Vast experience in various litigation proceedings

Over the years, the firm has gained experience in conducting litigation proceedings such as public nuisance cases, appeals against municipalities’ assessments of municipal taxes, representation of private clients in real estate lawsuits and of corporate clients in a variety of commercial issues.

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